Small Wonders, Inc. has been licensed by the State of Michigan since 1985. The Warren location was built in 1996. We are privately owned and operated.

Our program has been designed to be an extension of the home environment. We promote growth and development in all areas: physical, social, emotional and intellectual. Because Small Wonders is a developmental program, children learn through play by promoting positive self-respect as a priority. If children feel good about themselves, they can achieve anything they choose. We also promote creativity, language development, self-discipline, good health habits, sharing and other readiness skills.

Each classroom is divided into learning centers. Each area is clearly defined and very inviting to the children to learn freedom of choice as individuals and in group settings. Children learn to be creative in the art center, discover first hand the concepts of exploration in nature and the world in which we live. They express themselves in dramatic play and learn to use their imagination. Children at Small Wonders receive large and small muscle readiness skills by using a wide assortment of equipment. We have two outdoor playgrounds and an indoor gym. This allows the children to build and practice gross motor skills even on rainy days.

We strongly believe that child care must be a co-operative effort between parent and caregiver. Sometimes problems arise, such as social (behavior) or educational. We are known to go above and beyond in helping discover, resolve and solve problems with families. Therefore, we encourage you to visit often, to communicate with the staff, to become familiar with our routines and procedures, to ask questions, and to offer suggestions. Small Wonders has a reputation of excellent follow through, you will get answers to questions because we don’t want parents to have concerns or worries.

Security classrooms have been installed in classrooms not just for “security” but as a working tool. They help observe children and staff, often allowing us to problem solve.